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Power semiconductors weekly Vol 46
  • Toshiba Integrates a High-performance Driver IC for Controlling Next-generation Power Semiconductors into a Single Chip
  • GaN Systems and USI Form Strategic Partnership to Accelerate GaN Adoption in Electric Vehicles
  • Aehr Test Systems Joins PowerAmerica Institute to Support Advancing SiC and GaN Technologies
  • WIN Semiconductors and NYCU Established a Joint Technology Innovation Center
  • Supervisory Board Appoints Jochen Hanebeck as Successor to Dr. Reinhard Ploss as CEO of Infineon
  • PowerUP EXPO 2021
  • Microchip Webinar: Applications of Silicon Carbide in Vehicle Electrification
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 45
  • Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Introduces 80V Power MOSFET
  • Fuji Electric Launches the 2nd-Generation Discrete SiC-SBD Series
  • Infineon Significantly Improves Technology with OptiMOS™ 6 100 V
  • ROHM Recognized as a Preferred Supplier of SiC Power Solutions by UAES
  • Texas Instruments to Build New 300-mm Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Plants
  • DuPont Announced Acquisition of Rogers Corporation
  • Semikron Webinar: Reduced Thermal Resistance with Latest Phase Change TIM
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 44
  • Nexperia Introduced High-Performance Silicon Carbide Diodes
  • Diodes Incorporated Target EV Applications with New High Current Rated TOLL MOSFETs
  • Bosch to Create European Supply Chain for Silicon Carbide Semiconductors
  • Geely to Begin Mass-Production of Its Silicon Carbide Power Modules
  • II-VI Incorporated to Supply Silicon Carbide Substrates for Power Electronics
  • Toshiba Announced Strategic Reorganization
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 43
  • SemiQ Launches New 1200V SiC MOSFET
  • DENSO Provides SiC Power Semiconductors
  • Semiconductor Power Electronics Center Developed a Novel and Cost-Effective 3.6kV/400A SiC HB IPM Based on the Austin SuperMOS
  • BorgWarner Receives U.S. Department of Energy Award for High Power-Dense Inverter
  • KEC Invests 20 billion Won to Take the ‘Second Leap’
  • Qorvo® Acquires United Silicon Carbide (UnitedSiC)
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 42
  • Vincotech’s flowANPFC and flow3xANPFC for More Efficient DC EV Charging
  • B-TRAN™ will be Evaluated Against IGBTs and SiC Power Devices
  • Zhenghai Group and ROHM to Establish a Joint Venture in SiC Power Module Business
  • Bosch to Invest More Than 400 Million Euros in Its Semiconductor Fabs in 2022
  • Siltronic Breaks Ground for a New Fab in Singapore
  • SK Hynix to Acquire Local Chip Contract Manufacturer for $492 Million
  • Bodo’s Wide Bandgap Event Goes Online on November 30
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 41
  • Wolfspeed and ZINSIGHT Enhance Efficiency with Silicon Carbide
  • centrotherm to Cooperate with TRANSFORM
  • Littelfuse to Acquire Carling Technologies
  • Transphorm Appoints Cindi Moreland to Board of Directors
  • PINK Webinar: Sintering Basics and the Benefits of PINK Sintering Systems
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 40
  • STMicroelectronics New MDmesh™ K6 800V STPOWER MOSFETs
  • ROHM’s Latest Generation of Dual MOSFETs
  • Epitaxy Equipment Market Trends
  • Infineon and EBV Elektronik Webinar: High Power UPS with CoolSiC™
  • Semikron Webinar: Gate Driver Principles, Considerations and Selection Process
2021_10_Power semiconductors weekly Vol 39
  • New Infineon EasyPACK™ 2B EDT2 Power Module
  • New Way of Detecting Transistor Defects
  • $18M NSF Grant to Build National Semiconductor Fabrication Facility
  • General Motors and Wolfspeed Forge Strategic Supplier Agreement
  • Navitas Shenzhen Expands 300% to Support Extraordinary China Revenue Growth and Accelerate High-Power GaN Applications
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 38
  • Toshiba’s New Simulation Technology Shortens Verification Times for Automotive Semiconductors by about 90%
  • High-Voltage GaN-on-Silicon HEMT Reaches 300mm
  • Showa Denko Concludes Long-Term Contract to Supply SiC Epitaxial Wafers for Toshiba
  • SUMCO Announced Issuance of New Shares to Support Production of Silicon Wafers
  • II-VI Incorporated Wins Excellent Partner Awards from Sumitomo
  • Keysight Technologies, National Central University Optical Sciences Center, Establish Third-generation Semiconductor R&D and Test Open Laboratory
  • Automotive Semiconductor Trends 2021
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 37
  • VINcoSIM – New Online Simulation Environment from Vincotech
  • UnitedSiC Announced Industry-Best 6mohm SiC FET
  • GaN Systems Signed Semiconductor Capacity Agreement with BMW
  • Cree | Wolfspeed to Transfer to the New York Stock Exchange
  • Grand Capping Ceremony of Ferrotec(Jiangsu)Power Semiconductor Research Institute
  • Silicon MOSFET Market and Technology Trends 2021
  • International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems and Solutions
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 36
  • Hitachi Develops Highly Flexible Design Technology Based on Physical Model of TED-MOS SiC Power Device
  • Tandem Diodes for Faster Switching
  • Showa Denko Concludes Long-Term Contract to Supply SiC Epitaxial Wafers for ROHM
  • Global Fab Equipment Spending Forecast to Reach $100B in 2022
  • Hangzhou Semiconductor Wafer Has Successfully Completed Financing
  • Vincotech Webinar: Design Challenges and Solutions for 1,500 V PV Inverter Systems
  • Infineon Webinar: Power Semiconductor Solutions for Propulsion and Auxiliaries in Trucks, Delivery Vehicles and Buses
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 35
  • Infineon Enhances 1200 V EconoDUAL™ 3 Portfolio with IGBT7 Featuring New Current Ratings
  • Power Integrations Introduces New SCALE-iFlex Gate Drivers
  • New Applied Materials Technologies Help Silicon Carbide Chipmakers Accelerate the Transition to 200mm Wafers
  • BYD Semiconductor Moves Forward
  • Infineon Celebrates the Official Start of Production in Their Brand New 300-Millimeter Wafer Chip Factory
  • Nexperia Launches ‘Power Live’ Virtual Conference
  • Semikron Webinar: Efficient Green Hydrogen Production with Power Electronic Stacks
2021_09_Power semiconductors weekly Vol 34
  • Infineon and Panasonic Accelerate GaN Technology Development for 650 V GaN Power Devices
  • SMIC to Build $8.87bn Shanghai Chip Plant in Challenge to TSMC
  • 5-year Plan Gives Leg Up to Chip Base Material
  • Hongwei Technology Power Semiconductors Company Went Public
  • IGBT Market and Technology Trends 2021
  • Heraeus Electronics at PCIM Asia 2021
  • Avnet Silica Webinars: Power Solutions for Vehicles and Fast Charger Applications
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 33
  • Japan’s Fuji Electric Gives $360m Boost to Power Chip Business
  • onsemi to Acquire GT Advanced Technologies
  • VisIC Technologies Raises $35M, in a Round Led by GoldenSand Capital
  • ROHM Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary in Europe: Focus on Power and Analog Solutions
  • EPE’21 ECCE Europe is Virtual but Added Value
  • Infineon Webinar: Power MOSFET Packages – Making the Right Choice for Your Application
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 32
  • Pump up the Power of Your 1500 V PV Inverters with flowANPC S3 split
  • Cree | Wolfspeed and STMicroelectronics Expand Existing 150mm Silicon Carbide Wafer Supply Agreement
  • Star Semiconductor Intends to Raise 3.5 Billion Yuan for a Number of Power Device Expansion Projects
  • II-VI to Aim at the Automotive Market with Silicon Carbide Armed with GE Patents
  • Austrian Research Project “H2Pioneer“: Green Hydrogen for the Semiconductor Industry
  • Wolfspeed Webinar: Enhancing Performance Metrics of Energy Storage Systems with SiC Modules
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 31
  • Keysight Launches Scienlab Battery Pack Test System with High Voltage Silicon Carbide Technology
  • Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Expansion of the Crystal Pulling Hall at Siltronic’s Freiberg Site
  • A College of Semiconductor Research is Established at NTHU
  • Semicon Taiwan 2021 is a Journey
  • STMicroelectronics Webinar: New SLLIMM HP Intelligent Power Module for Motor Control Applications
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 30
  • Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership with High Performance Si3N4 AMB Substrates
  • New Littelfuse 1700 V SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes Offer Faster Switching, Higher Efficiency
  • First Aerospace-qualified Baseless Power Module Family Improves Aircraft Electrical System Efficiency
  • Driving Electromobility and Energy Efficiency Forward: Infineon on Board the VW ID.4 USA Tour
  • Geely and ROHM Concluded a Strategic Partnership on SiC Power Devices
  • Space Industry Launches with GaN Systems
  • Transphorm Closes JV Transaction for Acquisition of AFSW Wafer-Fab
  • Macronix and Foxconn Sign Asset Transaction Agreement for 6-inch Wafer Fab
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 29
  • STMicroelectronics Manufactures First 200mm Silicon Carbide Wafers
  • Replace Silicon IGBTs with Industry’s Most Rugged Silicon Carbide Power Solutions Now Available at 1700V
  • ROHM’s New Hybrid IGBTs with Built-In SiC Diode
  • Mersen to Form Part of a SiC Semiconductor Supply Chain Network
  • Heraeus Electronics Joins PowerAmerica Institute
  • Mouser and ON Semiconductor Set Up Content Platform for Power Conversion Solutions
  • SEMICON Southeast Asia 2021 Goes Virtual
  • Infineon Silicon Carbide Virtual Event 2021
Power semiconductors weekly Vol. 28
  • Shanghai Tianyue Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Material Project is Published and is Expected to Start in Late July
  • Japan’s Rohm Kicks off $45m Venture Fund to Drive New Chip Tech
  • Huawei Obtains China Patent for Si IGBT
  • Infineon Webinar: Power Semiconductor Solutions for the Development of Green Hydrogen Systems
Power semiconductors weekly Special Vol. 2
  • Power Integrations
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Danfoss Silicon Power
  • Semikron
  • SanRex
  • GeneSiC
  • On Semiconductor
  • ShinDengen
  • Alpha and Omega Semiconductor
  • and many more …
Power semiconductors weekly Vol. 27
  • Semiconductor Wafer Producer SK Siltron CSS to Invest $300M in US to Boost EV Supply Chain
  • 25 Years of Silicon Carbide at ST and the New Era Ahead
  • Compound Semiconductor Quarterly Market Monitor
  • Semikron Webinar: Thermal Resistance of Power Modules
Power semiconductors weekly Vol. 26
  • Flow S3 with Advanced Die-Attach Technology
  • Zhixin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. IGBT Module Packaging and Testing Production Line was Officially Put into Operation
  • ITEC Emerges as Independent Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer
  • ASM Expands Its Epitaxy Product Offerings with New Intrepid® ESA™
  • ST and Exagan, The New Chapter in the Gallium Nitride Story
Power semiconductors weekly Vol. 25
  • TRENCHSTOP™ 5 WR6 Family in TO-247-3-HCC Housing
  • After BYD, Another Chinese Company to Mass Produce Automotive IGBTs
  • UK’s Largest Chip Plant to Be Acquired by Chinese-Owned Firm Nexperia
  • Hitachi ABB Power Grids is Evolving to Become Hitachi Energy
  • ON Semiconductor Celebrates Being Recognized as Most Sustainable Company in the Semiconductor Industry in 2021 by World Finance
  • PCIM Asia Conference 2021 to Feature Over 50 Papers in Upcoming Edition
Power semiconductors weekly_Vol 24
  • Renault Group and STMicroelectronics Enter Strategic Cooperation on Power Electronics
  • II-VI Incorporated Introduces Heated Ion Implantation Foundry Services for 150 mm Silicon Carbide Wafers
  • Toshiba’s New Device Structure Improves SiC MOSFET High Temperature Reliability and Reduces Power Loss
  • BYD Semiconductor Bumps Prices by 5% as Global Chip Shortage Persists
  • Nagoya Institute of Technology and NGK Establish “NGK Environment Innovation Laboratory”
  • New Semiconductor Fabs to Spur Surge in Equipment Spending
  • EE Awards Asia
Power semiconductors weekly Vol. 23
  • EBV Elektronik Announces Strategic Cooperation with Infineon to Deliver Cutting-Edge Silicon Carbide Technologies
  • Infineon Cements Position as the World’s Number One Automotive Semiconductor Supplier
  • Trends in Worldwide Semiconductor Production Capacity
  • Research Collaboration in Manufacture and Performance of SiC Schottky Diodes
  • Hitachi New Facility is Being Established in the United States in Order to Collaborate and Create New Solutions with Customers
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 22
  • Cree and Gospower Deliver Silicon Carbide to Server Power Supply Market
  • Mitsubishi Electric to Launch T-series 2.0kV IGBT Module for Industrial Use
  • ON Semiconductor Announces New Full Silicon Carbide MOSFET Module Solutions for Charging Electric Vehicles at APEC 2021
  • Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Announces New Director Nominees
  • How to Read an IGBT Module Datasheet
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 21
  • Bosch Opens Chip Factory of the Future in Dresden
  • Toshiba’s Triple-Gate IGBT Power Semiconductors Cut Switching Power Losses by 40.5%
  • 5th Generation 650V SiC Schottky MPS™ Diodes for Best-in-Class Efficiency
  • G3R™ 750V SiC MOSFETs Offer Unparalleled Performance and Reliability
  • Japan Puts All Chips on the Table to Lure Semiconductor Makers
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 20
  • Welsh Chip Maker Newport Wafer Fab Fears Chinese Takeover by Stealth
  • SEMI: Global 200MM Fab Capacity on Pace to Meet Surging Demand, Address Chip Shortage
  • Samsung Chose Infineon for Its First MOSFET-Based Refrigerator Inverter Design
  • The 33rd International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs (ISPSD) is Online
  • Join Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide Power Experts for a Five-Week Seminar Series
Power Semiconductors Weekly Special Edition Vol 01. PCIM Europe Digital Days 2021
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Semikron
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Fuji Electric
  • Hitachi ABB Power Grids
  • Dynex Semiconductor
  • Littelfuse
  • On Semiconductor
  • Wolfspeed
  • Sirectifier
  • STMicroelectroics
  • SanRex
  • Nexperia
  • ROHM Semiconductor
  • Vishay
  • WeEn Semiconductors
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 19
  • TSMC to Increase Auto Chip Output by 60% in 2021
  • STMicroelectronics Honored with Prestigious IEEE Milestone for Historical “Multiple Silicon Technologies on a Chip” Achievement
  • ROHM’s ‘Environmental Vision 2050’
  • Gartner Says Global Chip Shortage Expected to Persist Until Second Quarter of 2022
  • Japan to Boost Spending to Promote Local Chip Production
  • Bodo’s Expert Talk in June
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 18
  • China’s BYD Plans to Spin Off and List Semiconductor Unit 
  • Toshiba’s New Technology for SiC Power Modules Improves Reliability and Reduces Size 
  • The New SEMIKUBE for 3-Level Designs 
  • South Korea Vows to Build World’s Largest Semiconductor Belt 
  • ROHM and Mouser Present New eBook on Power Solutions for Next-Generation Electric Vehicles 
  • 15th International Seminar on Power Semiconductors 

Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 17
  • Industry’s First Automotive Qualified SiC Six-Pack Power Module for EV Traction Inverters – Easy Power Upscaling with HybridPACK™ Drive CoolSiC™
  • CISSOID Expands Its SiC Intelligent Power Modules Platform
  • Imec and AIXTRON Demonstrate 200 mm GaN Epitaxy on AIX G5+ C for 1200V Applications with Breakdown in Excess of 1800V
  • On Semi Brings Silicon Carbide to Formula E Power Inverter
  • NXP Sells $2 Billion of Debt to Fund Power-Saving Semiconductors
  • Infineon Increases Supply Security for Silicon Carbide by Expanding the Supplier Base
  • Industry Alliance Crucial to SiC Advancement in Taiwan, Says Actron Chair
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 16
  • SEMIKRON and Silicon Mobility Announce Collaboration into a 24V to 96V Inverter Platform for Batteries Powered Vehicles up to 50KW 
  • Mitsubishi Electric to Launch New X-Series HVIGBTs and HVDIODEs 
  • Nexperia’s 650 V GaN FETs Enable 80 PLUS ® Titanium-class Power Supplies Operating at 2 kW and Above 
  • EiceDRIVER™ X3 Enhanced and X3 Compact
  • EasyPACK™ CoolSiC™ MOSFET Module Supports Fast-Switching DC-Link Voltage of 1500 V for Solar Systems and ESS Applications 
  • Yes Power Technix Supplies SiC Power Chips for Use in E-bikes 
  • JEDEC Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Committee Publishes a Milestone Document for Bias Temperature Instability of Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOS Devices
  • SiC MOSFET in Solar & Energy Storage Webinar 
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 15
  • TSMC Supplier Expects To Equip U.S. Chip Plant In September Next Year 
  • Yes Power Technix to Receive SiC Trench MOSFET Tech 
  • Foxconn in Talks to Buy Chip Plant to Support EV Ambitions 
  • Taiwan to Launch Programs to Expand Semiconductor Workforce 
  • Construction of Cree Site Nears Completion 
  • II-VI Incorporated Inaugurates Technology and R&D Center in Shanghai 
  • Benefits of Using Silicon Carbide in Next Generation Programmable Power Test Solutions 
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 14
  • II-VI Incorporated Expands Silicon Carbide Manufacturing Footprint for Power Electronics in Electric Vehicles and Clean Energy Applications 
  • New LoPak module: Now for 1200 V Applications with Same Familiar Packaging 
  • IIT Hyderabad, NXP India, MeitY Join Hands to Boost Semiconductor and IP Startups 
  • TSMC Plant Hit By Power Outage – Millions Of Dollars In Damage Expected 
  • Bidirectional Topologies and Semiconductors for e-Mobility On-Board Chargers
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 13
  • Vishay Intertechnology World’s Best Automotive -80 V P-Channel MOSFET Increases Efficiency and Power Density 
  • China’s Wingtech Builds $2Bn EV-Geared Plant Amid Chip Shortage 
  • Boost for Semiconductor Production in Austria 
  • ROHM Semiconductor Europe Appoints New President 
  • Toshiba Gets Buyout Offer from British Private Equity Firm 
  • Push the Limits of Efficiency and Power Density for EV Charger Converters 
  • EBV Elektronik Presents: SiC/GaN Training Days 
  • APEC 2021 Conference Goes Virtual 
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 12
  • Renesas Says Normal Production at Fire-Hit Chip Plant to Take 100-120 Days 
  • CEO of Largest U.S. Chip Foundry Explains Why Semiconductor Shortage Could Last Through 2022 
  • How Will Chipmaker TSMC Spend $100 Billion in 3 Years? Easy 
  • China Cuts Taxes to Spur Semiconductor Expansion 
  • II-VI Wins Battle for Coherent 
  • High Efficient PFC Systems with STMicroelectronics Technology 
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 11
  • Achieving Industry-Leading Low Loss, Expanding the Discrete IGBT XS Series Lineup 
  • MiniSKiiP®DUAL with Advanced NEW Die-attach Technology 
  • Vitesco Technologies Wins Major Order for 800-volt Sic-Technology in Electric Vehicles 
  • South Korea Eyes Next-Generation Power Chips 
  • Semiconductor Equipment Billings Set Another Record High 
  • Show Must Go On. Live Semiconductor Events in April 
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 10
  • ZF Offers 800-Volt Components for Electric Vehicles
  • Power-efficient On-board Electrical System Uses Technology Developed by Siemens Mobility and Infineon
  • UnitedSiC FET-Jet Calculator
  • Nexperia and United Automotive Electronic Systems Agree Comprehensive Partnership for Gallium Nitride
  • China’s SMIC Gets Shenzhen Funds for US$2.4bn Fab
  • Japan’s Silicon Wafer Latecomers Turn to China for Expansion
  • Enabling 99.3% Efficiency in 3.6kW Totem-pole PFC Using 750V Gen 4 SiC FETs
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 8
  • New 650 V CoolSiC™ Hybrid Discrete for Automotive
  • Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Releases Automotive Qualified 1200V αSiC MOSFETs for Electric Vehicle Applications
  • Renesas to Purchase Dialog Semiconductors for $5.9bn
  • Power Electronics for E-Mobility 2021
  • EE Times Presents: Roadmap to Next-Gen EV & AV
  • EDA Direct and Siemens ‘Thermal Testing of High Power Density Semiconductors for Vehicle Electrification’ Webinar
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 9
  • Bosch Reaches Milestone on the Way to Opening New Wafer Fab in Dresden
  • Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Announces Major Investment in Power Devices Business
  • Toshiba Releases 650V Super Junction Power MOSFETs
  • Infineon Launched StrongIRFET™ 2 Power MOSFETs
  • Marelli Launches Proprietary Full SiC Power Module for Electric and Hybrid Traction Applications in Motorsports
  • The 2021 Technology Outlook for Silicon Carbide Semiconductors
  • Bodo’s WBG Expert Talk
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 7
  • Toshiba Launches Silicon Carbide MOSFET Module
  • Nexperia Announces Plans to Grow Global Production and Increase R&D Spend
  • ON Semiconductor CEO Expects Auto Chip Backlog to End by Third Quarter
  • Denso Expands Semiconductor Capacity in Malaysia
  • Infineon Says Can Meet Chip Demand with Help of New Austria Plant
  • Biden to Order EV Battery, Mineral Supply Chain Review
  • Powerex Announces New CEO
  • Power SiC – Life in The Fast Lane as SiC Penetration Accelerates – Webcast
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 6
  • GeneSiC’s New 3rd Generation SiC MOSFETs
  • ON Semiconductor’s New 650V Silicon Carbide MOSFETs
  • NXP and Infineon Plants Hit by Power Outage in Texas Storm
  • TSMC to Help Automotive Industry
  • Chipmaker Renesas Halts Ibaraki Plant Operations on Quake Checks
  • Industrial Wide-Bandgap Developer Forum
  • GaN for Appliance and Industrial Applications
  • PCIM Europe to Be Held Digitally Only from 3–7 May 2021
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 5
  • GaN Systems Ships 20,000,000 GaN Transistors
  • CEO Interview: The Next Generation of GaN Power ICs
  • ROHM SiC MOSFETs Solve Design Challenges for Leading Solar Energy Company Midnite Solar
  • Richardson Electronics, Ltd. Continues Expansion of Power Management Capabilities with SemiQ Third Generation SiC Diode Modules
  • Infineon Bets on Strong EV Growth
  • US Chip Industry Calls on Biden Administration to Fund Factories
  • Review of the 2020 Semiconductor Market and a Look to 2021
  • SemiSel 5: Simplify Power Semiconductor Selection
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 4
  • Samsung considers purchasing NXP Semiconductors, Renesas, Infineon, or Texas Instruments
  • Infineon Strives to Meet Auto Industry Demand as Supply Chains Creak
  • Infineon New 650 V CoolSiC™ Hybrid IGBT
  • Chip Shortage Disrupts General Motors to Idle Three North American Plants Next Week
  • JEDEC Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Committee Publishes its First Guideline for Silicon Carbide (SiC) Based Power Conversion Devices
  • PCIM Europe Will Take Place from 31 August – 2 September 2021 in Nuremberg, Germany
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 2
  • Fuji Electric Launches X Series IGBT
  • Vincotech’s New 1200 V Sixpack Solution for Servo Drive Applications
  • ROHM Completes New Building at Apollo Plant in Chikugo
  • Mouser Has Announced a Global Distribution Agreement with SanRex
  • Da Nang Licenses US$110 Million Semiconductor Project
  • Toshiba’s Lineup Expansion of Schottky Barrier Diodes
  • AspenCore Guide to Gallium Nitride: A New Era for Power Electronics
  • PCIM Asia relocates to Shenzhen in September 2021
Power semiconductors weekly Vol 3
  • SK Group Invests in Domestic Producer of Silicon Carbide
  • Vishay 650 V SiC Schottky Diodes
  • Japan’s Renesas Steps in to Ease Automotive Chip Shortage
  • Infineon Expands EiceDRIVER Portfolio
  • JEDEC WBG Power Semiconductor Committee Publishes New Test Method
  • Anglia Expands SiC Portfolio with UnitedSiC
  • Power Semiconductors Webinars
  • On Semiconductor and Cree Changes in Management
Power Semiconductors Weekly Vol 1
  • Denso’s new silicon carbide power semiconductors used in Toyota Mirai
  • Rohm will invest 60 billion yen to increase output of next-generation power semiconductors for
  • Automotive Chip Shortages Only Part of the Problem
  • Major China MOSFET supplier raises prices
  • 3rd Generation 650V/1200V SiC Diode Modules Released from SemiQ
  • Cree Delivers New Silicon Carbide Power Module Portfolio
  • The Infineon-Cypress Merger: What Does it Mean for the Tech Industry?