• Perfect Press Release

    Perfect Press Release

    A press release is a business message to the media in order to distribute information about an organization and important events directly related to it. The media can publish a full press release or

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  • Maslow's Pyramid

    Maslow’s Pyramid

    Abraham Harold Maslow was an American psychologist and the creator of a popular motivational model known as Maslow's hierarchy of needs. In this concept, Maslow systematized the basic needs that

    5 Min Read
  • Design of IGBT Modules

    Design of IGBT Modules

    IGBT modules are widely used in power electronics industry. The range of IGBT modules produced today is very large. Many power semiconductor companies produce IGBT modules that are almost identical

    3 Min Read
  • Differentiate or Die

    Differentiate or Die

    The book "Differentiate or die!", written by Jack Trout in collaboration with Steve Rivkin, reveals different ways to stand out among a large number of competitors and at the same time not get into

    10 Min Read
  • Leapers Semiconductor

    Leapers Semiconductor

    Date of Foundation: 2019Country: ChinaRevenue:CEO: Gavin LiangProducts: Power Semiconductors, SiC Power ModulesWebsite: www.leapers-power.com Company Overview Leapers

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  • Power Semiconductors Design

    Design of Power Semiconductor Diodes and Thyristors

    Power semiconductor devices can be divided into several types by their design. They can be assembled as a stud, capsule, or module. Recently, solutions integrating the power semiconductor device,

    6 Min Read
  • STP Marketing

    STP Marketing

    STP Marketing (also STP process or STP model) is a concept in marketing that is based on the sequential application of three steps: Segmentation – Targeting – Positioning. The essence of the

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  • Epic Content Marketing

    Epic Content Marketing

    Content marketing is a fairly popular term in the modern world. Many specialists have already understood the value of this area of activity, but few were able to properly manage this tool. So, why

    13 Min Read
  • Periphery of High-Voltage Crystals

    Periphery of High-Voltage Crystals

    One of the most pressing problems, without solving which it is impossible to produce reliable high-voltage power semiconductor devices such as IGBTs, MOS Controlled Thyristors, etc., is the creation

    5 Min Read
  • Best Instant Messaging Apps for Your Business

    Best Instant Messaging Apps for Your Business

    Instant messaging is a way to communicate in real time using digital devices. Messaging apps are instant messaging tools that make the exchange of information between people more convenient and

    10 Min Read