• Product Life Cycle

    Product Life Cycle

    The product life cycle has four main stages: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Each phase of product development has its characteristics and requires detailed analysis and proper management. Before developing a marketing strategy for

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  • Value PropositionCanvas

    Value Proposition Canvas

    Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) was developed by a Swiss business theorist and entrepreneur Alexander Osterwalder and provides a detailed understanding of customer needs and how to meet them through the value that your company or product creates. VPC is

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  • Business Model Canvas

    Business Model Canvas

    Business Model Canvas is a business planning tool for describing a company's business models. The creator of this model is Alexander Osterwalder, a Swiss business theorist, and entrepreneur. Business Model Canvas consists of 9 blocks, each of

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  • Ansoff Matrix

    Ansoff Matrix

    The Ansoff Matrix is a strategic planning model that helps companies choose the right development strategy for their business. The Ansoff Matrix was developed by Russian-born American mathematician and economist Igor Ansoff, after whom it was named.

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  • GE_McKinsey Matrix Cover

    GE/McKinsey Matrix

    The GE/McKinsey matrix is a product portfolio analysis matrix, that helps companies develop a product range strategy and decide which business units to invest in and which not. This matrix was first developed by the consulting company McKinsey&Co

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  • BCG Matrix

    BCG Matrix

    The BCG matrix (also known as the growth-share matrix) is a strategic portfolio analysis tool. It helps companies visually assess the prospects of their product lines or business units. The BCG matrix was created by a Boston Consulting Group in the

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  • Nicher strategy

    Competitive Strategies. Part 2

    A week ago I shared with you the first two competitive startegies - Market Leader Strategy and Follower Strategy. Today I will describe the remaining two - Challenger and Nicher strategy. Challenger Strategy When choosing this strategy, the

    6 Min Read
  • Competitive Strategies

    Competitive Strategies. Part 1

    Once the company has decided on a generic strategy, it is necessary to conduct an analysis of the company and its products for competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is those characteristics of the market activity of the company that create a

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  • Generic Strategy

    Generic Strategy

    The process of developing a strategy begins with the selection of a general competitive advantage (in terms of cost or the advantage of market power based on the uniqueness of the product), with which the company will achieve its strategic goals. Based

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  • PEST Analysis

    PEST Analysis

    PEST analysis is a simple and convenient method for analyzing the macro environment of an enterprise. The PEST analysis technique is often used to assess key market trends in the industry, and the results of PEST analysis can be used to determine the

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