• Six Thinking Hats Cover

    Six Thinking Hats

    Six Thinking Hats is a technique for organizing the thinking process, which allows you to make the most productive decision by considering the problem from six different sides. This approach was

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  • Eisenhower Matrix

    Eisenhower Matrix

    Eisenhower Matrix or Urgent-Important Matrix is a task management tool that helps you prioritize correctly and increase your productivity. The matrix is based on the following concepts: urgent –

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  • Maslow's Pyramid

    Maslow’s Pyramid

    Abraham Harold Maslow was an American psychologist and the creator of a popular motivational model known as Maslow's hierarchy of needs. In this concept, Maslow systematized the basic needs that

    5 Min Read
  • STP Marketing

    STP Marketing

    STP Marketing (also STP process or STP model) is a concept in marketing that is based on the sequential application of three steps: Segmentation – Targeting – Positioning. The essence of the

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  • Marketing Plan

    Marketing Plan

    A marketing plan is a basic document that describes specific steps and actions to achieve the set of marketing goals for a certain period of time. As a rule, a marketing plan is drawn up for a year

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  • On Time Delivery

    On Time Delivery

    On Time Delivery (abbreviated as OTD) is a performance indicator that measures the proportion of orders completed on time and in full over a certain period of time and is one of the elements of

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  • Hoshin Kanri

    Hoshin Kanri

    Hoshin Kanri is a strategic management system of the company, the main principle of which is direct interaction between top management, middle management, and employees to achieve common

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  • Ishikawa diagram

    Ishikawa Diagram

    Ishikawa diagram is a tool for visualizing the cause-and-effect relationships of a specific situation or problem in order to detect the root cause. The diagram helps to determine the main factors

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  • Kaizen


    Kaizen in Japanese means improvement, changes for the better. Kaizen can be considered as a part of lean manufacturing or as a separate methodology. After the Second World War, Japan's economy

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  • 5 Whys Cover

    5 Whys

    Five whys (also 5 whys) is a tool for finding the root cause of a problem. When you find an error or a problem, it is not always possible to determine the true cause of what happened at first

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