• Sell without selling

    Sell Without Selling

    How to sell without selling? This phrase sounds tempting for any business. Terry Dean throughout the book How to sell without selling. Step-by-step marketing formula to attract ready-to-buy

    11 Min Read
  • Differentiate or Die

    Differentiate or Die

    The book "Differentiate or die!", written by Jack Trout in collaboration with Steve Rivkin, reveals different ways to stand out among a large number of competitors and at the same time not get into

    10 Min Read
  • Epic Content Marketing

    Epic Content Marketing

    Content marketing is a fairly popular term in the modern world. Many specialists have already understood the value of this area of activity, but few were able to properly manage this tool. So, why

    13 Min Read
  • Made to Stick

    Made to Stick

    An idea that can penetrate people's hearts, stay in their memory, change their behavior is a truly HUGE IDEA. But what makes some ideas popular and so successful, and others, although they may be

    10 Min Read
  • Marketing 5.0

    Marketing 5.0

    Marketing does not stand still, like the whole world, it is constantly changing and adapting to the environment. Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajava, and Ivan Setiawan with the help of their book

    8 Min Read
  • The Psychology of Persuasion

    The Psychology of Persuasion

    The rapid pace of modern everyday life requires that we have prepared patterns of behavior, and we can automatically respond to many events. In fact, such a simplified approach is used to help

    10 Min Read
  • 42 Rules to Turn Prospects into Customers

    42 Rules to Turn Prospects into Customers

    Meridith Elliott Powell highlighted in her book 42 rules to turn prospects into customers based on her own experience. She conditionally divided these rules into three blocks: The Foundation.

    14 Min Read
  • Demand Process. Transforming B2B Marketing to Meet the Needs of the Modern Buyer

    Demand Process. Transforming B2B Marketing

    With the development of technology and the Internet, the world of marketing has also changed. This truth must be accepted. And the faster you do it, the more successful your business will become.

    8 Min Read
  • 80/20 Sales and Marketing

    80/20 Sales and Marketing

    The Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule is a rule that says that 20% of all your efforts give 80 % of the result, and the remaining 80 % of your efforts give only 20 % of the result. The rule is

    9 Min Read
  • Youtility


    In the modern world, traditional approaches to marketing are becoming less effective, so there is a need for new methods, a new look at reality. In this connection, Jay Baer introduces the concept

    8 Min Read