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Marketing Psycho is a unique source for everything marketing and sales in power semiconductors industry. This project is managed by Alexey Cherkasov. Alexey shares his articles, ideas, materials based on his own experience in power semiconductors and power electronics business.

Here at Marketing Psycho you can enlarge or update your knowledge about marketing and sales techniques, broaden your management horizons, learn the latest news from the industry of power semiconductors, and apply the received information to make yourself and your business more competitive.

Alexey Cherkasov is a marketing and sales professional with over 12 years experience in B2B industry of power electronics and power semiconductors.

For a long time he’s been involved in business development, marketing and sales in Proton-Electrotex company – the leading power electronics company in Russia.

Alexey Cherkasov started his career in Proton-Electrotex as an export sales manager (2009), for 5 years Alexey was involved in business development (2010-2015), and established Marketing Department in the company building it from scratch to ensure company’s global brand awareness (2015-2021). For the past 6 years Alexey held a position of Head of Marketing Department in Proton-Electrotex.

Since June 2021 Alexey Cherkasov continued to work in power semiconductors industry as a freelancer for various projects in power semiconductors market.

In April 2022 Alexey joined Leapers Semiconductor company as a Marketing Director. Leapers Semiconductor is an innovative developer and manufacturer of power semiconductors, SiC and IGBT modules for power electronics applications. Founded in 2019, Leapers Semiconductors is headquartered in Wuxi, China, and has R&D center in Japan.

Alexey Cherkasov has a very deep knowledge of power semiconductors applications and end customers, great experience in negotiations, and hundreds marketing and sales ways to increase company’s sales and global presence. Alexey is open for any projects connected with power semiconductors industry and ready for new challenges in semiconductor industry.

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