For the past 2+ years everyone has been enjoying my Power Semiconductors Weekly market updates and the other material related to power semiconductors and electronics industry.

This is why, starting from July 01, 2023, power semiconductors data will be transferred to a new platform – Power Semiconductors Weekly.

Power Semiconductors Weekly is Number 1 and the only platform completely dedicated to power semiconductors industry. Here you will always find the latest power semiconductors news, product and technology updates, information about power semiconductors events, market players, and much more.

One of the major objectives of Power Semiconductors Weekly is to spread the word and popularize the power semiconductors industry, educate the community, and draw attention to the importance of power semiconductors in the modern world of electrification and green energy.

For some time Marketing Psycho power semiconductors data will remain here, but eventually will be deleted.

Thank you for staying with my market updates and enjoy even greater power semiconductors focused platform.