• Best Marketing Podcasts

    Best Marketing Podcasts

    A podcast is a combination of words such as "iPod" and "broadcast" and means the periodic release of audio files (or video files) on certain topics that are published on the Internet. The process of creating and distributing podcasts is called

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  • Top Magazines for CMO

    Top Magazines for CMO

    Marketing surrounds us everywhere, and yet there are only few reliable sources for marketers, especially magazines for CMO. With very rapid changes in the marketing world, one of the most important things for Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) is to

    12 Min Read
  • Marketing in Movies

    Marketing in Movies

    Last year I shared with you the list of marketing and sales movies that can inspire you and your team. Of course, that was not the full package, and there are still many more movies and TV shows that can teach us marketing and sales, the movies that

    8 Min Read
  • Best Marketing Magazines

    Best Marketing Magazines

    I often write various marketing books' overviews, but what about marketing magazines? Of course, speaking about books, we speak about hundreds and thousands of books appearing annually around the world. I do really love books, especially those that

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  • Marketing Blogs

    Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2019

    There are good marketers, there are great marketers, and there are some marketing communities which you want to follow and read their marketing blogs daily. There are at least five marketing blogs and websites I personally follow and try to read at

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  • Best Marketing Movies

    Best Marketing Movies To Inspire Your Team

    The year 2019 is already here and it is time for all the marketers around the world to get back to their work and get the best out of it. Sure it is a tough task after the holidays season and only a few of us are able to get back on track without being

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