The Only Book You Will Ever Need on Branding: to start, run and grow your business

Tiny, short, great!
Well, reading this book will take less than an hour or so, but the provided in a simple comicbook like style information gives what you just need to know enough about branding. This is not an excyclopaedia or some boring 500 pages book on how to create and support your brand. This is a pocket size how-to cation guide.
The book is filled with good examples (includng well-known brands) on what you need and needn’t to do in your branding strategy. Great for beginners in the field of marketing, branding, public relations.
After you read it you can try some things suggested by the authors to test your current or future brand you working at.
Well, this can totally be 7 out of 10. You can buy the book here.
Enjoy your reading and build a strong worldwide brand!