The desire to only sell your product is an old sales method. The modern approach implies that you should strive to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the service or quality of the product so much that they would come back to you again and recommend it to their friends. The book “The Sales Bible. The ultimate sales resource” demonstrates to the reader that trade is a complex but extremely fascinating science that only a dedicated, organized, and an ambitious person can understand. 

Jeffrey Gitomer in his book tells how to create a network, how to schedule meetings, how to conclude a successful deal, how to gain the loyalty of buyers. Jeffrey Gitomer believes that if a salesperson wants to achieve success in their business, they need to pay attention to self-improvement and take a serious approach to setting and achieving goals.

Sales Bible Book Cover

To do this, the author recommends using the following method


1. You need post-it notes, a bathroom, a mirror in the bedroom, mirror pen.

2. Write down big goals in the form of short phrases on large post-it notes.

3. Write down three less global goals.

4. Stick the notes in plain sight. The author suggests hanging them in the bathroom so that you can look at them at least twice a day.

5. Look at goals and say them out loud, as visual and verbal contact enhances goal confirmation.

6. Continue to watch and read until you start acting.

7. Daily visual contact with the goal makes you think about its implementation.

8. Start the day with a look at your progress. After you have completed your plan, move the notes to the mirror in the bedroom.

Jeffrey Gitomer defines success as the level of efficiency and self-confidence that results from positive work experience. Based on his many years of experience, the author has derived his formula for success in sales.

Aha! = attitude+humor+action


A positive attitude is the driving force of life. A positive attitude is not only a desire to achieve something, it is discipline plus determination.


Humor is how you look at things. It involves more than the ability to make people laugh. It is also the ability to understand the humor of other people, and most importantly to joke about yourself and your failures.



Words must necessarily be accompanied by deeds. If you wake up with a clearly defined list of goals and a clear plan of action for the day, a willingness and desire to work hard, and go to bed with a deep sense of satisfaction with the results achieved during the day, you are on the right path to success.

According to the author, the main reason that sellers fail is that they expect to fail. At the same time, almost everyone will claim that they are a positive person. In fact, a very small number of people are really positive.

Jeffrey Gitomer advises working on a positive outlook on life. To do this, you should use books, audio recordings, and training sessions. But it is necessary to work on a positive attitude every day, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve success.

The author suggests in his book a way to make a deal: Top-down selling

Top-down selling

The essence of the method is that the higher you take, the more success you can achieve. Why start at the bottom and go up through a crowd of people who can’t make decisions but can do anything to stop you? Take the elevator and start from the top.

The secret to successful Top-down selling is 4.5 R’s:


  • resourceful
  • ready (prepared)
  • relentless
  • remembered

And last, 4.5 R – risk it. Otherwise, nothing will happen. Act.

Jeffrey Gitomer also draws attention to some important elements for closing the large deals.

Wow factor

If you do not cause the customer to exclaim WOW! then most likely there will be no deal. It’s not enough just to serve the customer, you need to serve them well.


The right (power) questions

If you ask the proper questions, the prospect will tell you everything you need to convince them. A power question very quickly addresses the essence of the problem/need, while the buyer does not feel pressure from the seller.

Power statement

The power statement is a statement that makes your product or service outstanding, understandable, trustworthy, admirable, and worthy of purchase. If you want to make an effective statement, you need to be creative. The power statement should creatively describe your activity, product, or service in the buyer’s language.

The author advises you to develop your personal commercial. Your personal commercial is an opportunity to provide information that arouses interest and reaction from people who are important to you. 

A successful personal commercial must consist of the following items: 

  • Name
  • Company name
  • What I do… (briefly)
  • Insert power question
  • How I help…
  • Insert power statement
  • Why a prospect should act now…

It is necessary to fill in all these points and practice.

Jeffrey Gitomer describes in his book various ways to find customers, such as selling by recommendation. Selling by recommendation is a simple and quiet method. But if you intend to earn large amounts of money, you should become a master of cold calls and visits.

The author provides an eight-point plan for those who want to learn how to make cold calls

  1. Be exceptionally well prepared
  2. Never apologize, never make excuses
  3. How you deliver your first phrase determines your success
  4. Do not pay any attention reluctance and fear issues
  5. Not everyone you call is a sale. Be prepared for rejections
  6. Learn from those who tell you no
  7. Practice, practice, practice
  8. Have fun
Boiler Room Cold Call Sale Attempt

The book also lists the main elements of a cold call:

  • deliver your opener
  • ask power questions to create meaningful dialogue
  • make power statements to establish credibility
  • determining the prospect’s needs, desire and decision-making capability and the ability to pay
  • gather information
  • get what you came for: the next stage of the sales cycle
  • have the right attitude and focus

Jeffrey Gitomer thinks that the conclusion of a deal begins when the buyer says “no”. He says that there are very few true objections, and most of the protests are excuses. Don’t treat “no” as the final answer. You must overcome objections. In order to overcome the objection and convince the prospect, you must establish the real objection.

The author advises communicating with potential and existing clients. Communication is trade.

To avoid mistakes and misunderstandings in the communication process, follow the following rules

  • focus on the communication
  • write the communication down
  • repeat it back
  • get confirmation
  • keep your promises

Visiting specialized exhibitions and fairs is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. Your main goal is to assess the needs of existing / potential buyers so that at the end of the session you can contact a profitable client by phone, mail, or in person, make an appointment and close the deal.

Always close the deal lesson

Networking is also an extremely effective business tool, they are inexpensive, and most often free. Therefore, you should attend a public event at least once a week: for two hours, you will be able to communicate with 50 potential buyers in an informal setting. During business hours, you won’t be able to meet so many people in a week. However, at the event, you cannot relax, wasting time, but you need to remember your goal and follow a clear plan of action.

The book “The Sales Bible. The ultimate sales resource” can be called a guide for a sales manager which will help them achieve appreciable results.

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