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  • Design of IGBT Modules

    Design of IGBT Modules

    IGBT modules are widely used in power electronics industry. The range of IGBT modules produced today is very large. Many power semiconductor companies produce IGBT modules that are almost identical

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  • Periphery of High-Voltage Crystals

    Periphery of High-Voltage Crystals

    One of the most pressing problems, without solving which it is impossible to produce reliable high-voltage power semiconductor devices such as IGBTs, MOS Controlled Thyristors, etc., is the creation

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  • IGBT Layers

    IGBT Layers

    The main purpose of modification of IGBT deep semiconductor layers is the same as that of other types of bipolar power semiconductor devices. It is to obtain an optimal combination of the voltage

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  • Optimization of IGBT Cell

    Optimization of IGBT Cells

    The specific width of the induced channel per unit area of the structure, the efficiency of technological shunting of the emitter of a parasitic thyristor, the specific capacity of the gate (the

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  • Pros and Cons of IGBTs

    Pros and Cons of IGBTs

    At the moment the power conversion equipment built using IGBTs is considered the standard of power electronics, providing the highest quality conversion of electricity with maximum compactness and

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  • IGBT

    Power Semiconductors. IGBTs

    IGBT or Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor is a fully controllable power semiconductor switch with bipolar conductivity and MOSFET control. The IGBT structure is similar to the structure of a

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