Bryan Kramer is sure that today there is only H2H marketing, that is, human to human marketing. He claims that to successfully promote products, you need to speak the customer’s language and strive for maximum simplicity. 

Marketing H2H, or social marketing, is not only open to communication with customers but also takes into account their wishes and criticism. The consumer must feel special. Personalized product and service offerings are the reality of H2H marketing. The author in his book There is No B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human teaches how to communicate competently with the target audience, use social marketing techniques, and take into account the six basic human needs to develop a marketing strategy.

Human to Human Book Cover

Social marketing involves two-way communication that is useful to both parties.

The main characteristic of a real social company is the openness to external ideas and joint innovations with clients. It is the customers who can tell you how to improve the product. However, very few companies are ready for such interaction, because they are afraid.

Bryan Kramer lists the main fears that businesses have about social marketing

Fear 1. Companies think that while they are not in social networks, competitors do not sleep and win the market. Under the influence of this fear, companies start pages and groups in social networks but do not work with them correctly. This approach can damage the brand’s reputation.

Fear 2. The fear of being misunderstood by the audience makes companies stay away from social networks and act the old-fashioned way, sending emails and making cold calls.

Fear 3. Companies believe that discussions and criticism in social networks can harm their reputation.

In the modern world, there are a large number of tools and technologies that help to collect detailed information about each client. Thanks to the received data, companies can make the most personalized offers of goods and services. But marketers who run social media campaigns need to remember that they will face circumstances that are beyond their control. However, some things are completely at their mercy. 

– Approach to business in general and marketing campaigns in particular

– The mission of the business

– Marketing message

Look at the text through the eyes of a customer or another person

To establish a mutual understanding with the target audience, marketers need to carefully consider not only the content but also the context. Content is needed to create a message, and context is needed to establish a connection between you and your customers. If you placed your content on the wrong platform or made a mistake with your target audience, then you have wasted your time and money Bryan Kramer advises following four social context rules to ensure that your information reaches your goal.

Social Context Rules

Carefully consider the information you are going to post

Carefully read the final part of the post

Not hurry

Look at the text through the eyes of a customer or another person

Also, to establish a mutual understanding with the target audience, Bryan Kramer believes that marketing should be sensory. He advises influencing the senses.

– Vision. Design matters regardless of the product and its use: people are always attracted to what is beautiful.

– Touch. Think about the experience that the customer will get using your product. Make this experience tangible, playful, interactive.

– Hearing. If a customer feels that they are being heard and understood, helped, and willing to solve their problems, they are more likely to purchase from you.

When developing a marketing strategy, Bryan Kramer recommends taking into account the six basic human needs that Tony Robbins formulated.

Basic Human Needs

– Connections/Love. People need to feel connected to themselves, to their families, to society, to their country, and even to their brands. Connect your fans and like-minded people in communities, communicate with them, and listen to what they say.

– Significance. People need to be praised for a job well done, they want to feel that there is something they can do better than most, if not the best.

– Variety/uncertainty. All people love adventures. People need to have different things, activities, and experiences in their lives.

– Certainty. Despite the need for diversity, people need to know that there is something stable in their lives. This predictability allows them to feel protected. 

– Growth. Every person needs constant growth: mentally, physically, psychologically, ethically. People never stop learning, and it is important to give them this opportunity.

– Contribution. People like to know that they are doing something that changes the world for the better. The results of work and participation create a sense of belonging to something important.

Bryan Kramer says that people are attracted by the simplicity of communication and the ability to laugh at themselves. They need to see real faces, communicate with real people, and listen to funny and interesting stories. 

Keep in mind that your competitors are not only companies that offer similar products, but also all other things that absorb the attention of your consumers. There are a lot of them online. You can only attract the attention of a prospect if you offer to help them solve their problems. Only sincere assistance helps to acquire a client for life.

Come up with a simple and human idea

There is a huge number of people in social networks, but if you are trying to convey information to everyone, no one will hear you. You must select your target audience. The target audience is a small portion of users who share their values. Bryan Kramer gives 4 tips on how to attract your target audience and keep their attention and loyalty for a long time.

How to Attract Your Target Audience

Come up with a simple and human idea

Get ready: define your ultimate goal, assemble a team to help you achieve it, take a calendar, and make a plan

Don’t be afraid to improvise

Combine your people. Communicate with them, share your thoughts, and thank them for their feedback, communication, and help

The modern world values openness and sincerity more than ever. To establish a trusting relationship with clients, Bryan Kramer recommends the following seven rules.

If you did something wrong, be sure to apologize

Make an effort to build a real relationship

Don’t try to make a perfect product. Make a simple working product

Be simpler and more attentive to people

Be responsive, make sure that your brand and product help your customers

Keep your promises to win the trust of your customers

Become a good storyteller, as storytelling is the best way to express feelings and evoke those feelings in others. Stories add brightness, significance, and soulfulness to what you sell

Bryan Kramer believes that the traditional division of marketing into B2B and B2C has been replaced by a new type of marketing – H2H marketing.

The main characteristic of H2H marketing is human. All actions of companies should be aimed at the human and for the human, only in this case, according to the author, the business will be able to become successful and make a profit.

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