It’s Christmas time and New Year’s Eve! And most of us are still in search for last minute presents for friends, relatives, beloved ones. We go crazy when it comes to looking for a present, especially when the present is for someone working in the field of marketing.

And this is really a quiz to come up with something that can be a cool gift for a marketer. What do they like? It seems they like to spend a lot of time on social media, reading hundreds of top marketers’ blogs, watching hours of content marketing videos etc.

It seems they live in their own universe with their own language and system of values. But like we all do, they love to receive presents. And here are top 5 gift ideas for a marketer this holidays season.

Cool digital marketing book

In a world of everything digital, we need to stay tuned on what’s going on in the world of digital marketing. Marketing on the internet is changing rapidly and it is crucial to be among those who know everything – digital marketing trends, techniques, tools, trends. That is why some cool best selling marketing book will be a great choice for your marketing friend. You can find a lot of cool books at Amazon.

Amazon Digital Marketing Books

Marketing automation platform subscription

Another great challenge nowadays for a marketer is how to manage all marketing data in one place, how to manage all those social media accounts, marketing campaigns, content planning etc. It really takes a lot of time to run several accounts, and this is really inconvenient to switch to another account or browser every time. That is why a lot of digital marketers use various automation tools. And this can be another great idea of a gift for your marketing friend. When it comes to social media marketing your first choice should be Hootsuite. You can buy an annual subscription of any other marketing automation platforms like Buffer or even HubSpot Marketing.

Hootsuite Subscription Plan

Cool marketer notebook

It is not a secret that marketers love to write a lot. They are fond of taking a lot of notes, writing down their ideas, making some sketches etc. They always need some good paper right at their hand. It should be of nice quality, simple, but pleasant to write. It should be Moleskine if you want this gift to be of really good use for your marketing friend. Lucky for your Moleskine offer as many cool notebooks as you need to make a really good surprise.

Moleskine Website

Music subscription

To be able to generate ideas, create something extraordinary, something new, run data analysis, prepare an outstanding marketing strategy or content marketing plan, a marketer has to be in a really good mood. And there is one thing that works 100% positive in this case and it is called music. This might be one of the coolest gifts for your marketing friend. Annual subscription for any music service like Apple Music, Google Play Music or Amazon Music could be a really cool gift, however, if you want to surprise a marketer I suggest to choose this Russian music service – Yandex Music, which can satisfy any music lover. The guys from Yandex are doing a really good job.

Yandex Music Website

Cloud space subscription

And the last but not the least of the coolest New Year gifts for a marketer is the cloud space subscription. At the moment we consider every Mb and even Kb of space we use. The size of the data we have is growing enormously fast eating your Gb every single month or even a week. In a world of 4k video, HD audio, gigapixel photos, we need to posses Tbs of free space to be able to store some precious memories we have. And for your marketing friend another 100 Gb of free space equals a gulp of fresh air, a gulp of creativity and new ideas. Marketers like no one else require extra space for their marketing stuff, marketing ideas, presentations, competitors data etc. This could be Google Drive or any other services like Dropbox or One Drive. And together with music subscription, this marketing combo is a jackpot!

Google Drive Subscription Plan

Happy holidays, my marketing friends and friends of my marketing friends! Wish you a very merry shopping and wonderful holidays season!