Last December I shared with you some ideas about the perfect Christmas and new year gifts for a marketer. They will work well for everyone, I guess. It is Christmas time again and again for those who still haven’t decided yet what to buy for their marketing fellows, I want to share some awesome Christmas gifts ideas. You still have two more days, and I must say that these two days are the best in terms of getting a very nice discount for the gifts I picked for you.

Smart Pen

Smart Pens Christmas Gifts

I am sure that your marketing friends will greatly appreciate this kind of gift. Today there are so many smart pens available on the market for every iOs and Android devices, so you can easily pick the right one. Moreover, there are a lot of great alternatives to Apple Pencil, which costs 2-3 times less and still do what you expect them to do.

Travel Portfolio

Travel Portfolio Christmas Gifts

Being a marketer means being mobile, working on the go, in various locations, various cities, and countries. And every time you have to be sure that everything you need is right here at your hand. Travel portfolios may help your marketing friends to keep everything they need in one place that takes little space and looks very nice. You can even make it more personal and add some data on the cover.

Smart Speaker

Smart Speakers Christmas Gifts

I actually own one of those and confess that this is awesome. That really helps to save some time when you want to quickly find some information on the web, get the updates about the traffic, weather conditions, read the latest news, get in the right modd with a very nice music etc. If you get one of the available smart speakers on the market for your marketing fellow, this will be a 100% hit. Especially these Christmas gifts will be greatly appreciated by the marketers who work with AI and similar technologies.

Headphones Gift

When you work in marketing, solo as a freelancer or in a crowdy office, you have to concentrate on various projects, figures and numbers. To do so, you have to be one-on-one with yourself, be in the right mood, and a pair of great headphones will let you concentrate on the most important things. Just turn on the right music, zen melody, or even some podcast, and let the outer world disappear. There is only you and marketing.

Ticket to the marketing event

Marketing Event Gift

This might be the coolest gift for a marketer. Marketing is changing daily and your friends in the inductsy will be happy to get a chance to visit one of the shows dedicated to what they love the most. To my mind there is nothing more precious than knowledge. Previously I shared the information about the marketing events that took place in 2019 in my posts Top Digital Marketing Conferences 2019 and Top Digital Marketing Conferences in Q3-Q4 2019. Most of them will be held again in 2020. Moreover, soon I will be updating the list, so you can check it up in a couple of weeks.

And do not forget that anything you present to your marketing fellows will be warmly welcome since there is nothing better than attention. And the more creative you are the stronger emotions your friends feel. Wish you a very Merry Marketing in the Happy New Year!