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Power Semiconductors Weekly is a Marketing Psycho weekly podcast covering the latest news from power semiconductors industry. Delivered to you every Tuesday by Alexey Cherkasov, Power Semiconductors Weekly brings you the most interesting events in the world of power semiconductors and power electronics. Now you will never miss any major power semiconductors product release, technology update or market trends and news.

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In this section of Power Semiconductors blog you will find the latest marketing and sales articles, reports, and materials in power semiconductors industry. Besides, this section includes a full list of power semiconductors manufacturers and their data.

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Adventures of Amperman

Alex Challenger works in the semiconductor industry. He works in the field of marketing, sales, and application of power semiconductors. One day he gets his superpower during an accident in the proton irradiation facility. During the irradiation process of the semiconductor elements an explosion occurs, which gives Alex his powers to generate and control electricity, and all the devices and equipment using electric power. The adventures of Amperman begin! Amperman adventure stories will be added on a monthly basis.