Besides the previously mentioned power electronics magazines like Bodo’s Power Systems, Power Electronics Europe, and IEEE Power Electronics, there are plenty more industrial magazines that can fit your tasks to promote your company brand, products, technology, etc. They slightly differ in geography, languages, and target audiences, but their main focus is the power electronics industry.

Depending on your aims and strategy, you may choose one or two magazines, or run a massive marketing attack via the printed advertising, press releases, articles, and other available promotion options. I suggest using as many options as possible. All your advertising should be accompanied by the articles describing your product, characteristics, special features, advantages, application, and so on.

Power Electronics

This is the number one magazine in Russia for power electronics society. The Power Electronics magazine is about the latest research and development in the field of power electronics, the main directions, trends, and prospects for the development of the domestic and world market of power electronics, as well as companies operating in this market. The magazine was created for developers and specialists in the application of power electronics devices, for professionals and amateurs.

Power Electronics Magazine Cover

The first issue of Power Electronics was released in April 2004. Today the magazine confidently occupies a leading position in the market of printed publications on power electronics. Since 2012, Power Electronics has been published 6 times a year, the volume of each edition is about 100 pages. The circulation of each issue of the magazine is 4000 copies.

Power Electronics is distributed via subscription to more than 2000 companies and targeted mailing to enterprises in Russia and the CIS countries, through its own retail network, at more than 30 specialized exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kyiv, Minsk and other cities Russia and the CIS, at specialized seminars and conferences.

More than 100 authors from all over Russia are working to create the Power Electronics magazine: researchers and specialists from leading universities and research institutes, representatives of suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers of power electronics components and modules. Many articles are the result of practical research and work carried out by the authors in various areas of power electronics.

The main areas of the magazine

  • Power element base
  • Bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, IGBTs, thyristors, GTOs, solid-state relays, etc.
  • Power stage control boards, drivers
  • Intelligent Power Modules
  • Connectors
  • Actuators
  • Drive control systems (element base, algorithms)
  • Power components for drives 
  • UPS, power supplies
  • Power components for power supplies
  • Cooling
  • Welding equipment
  • Power components for power sources for welding equipment
  • Induction heating systems
  • Power components for induction furnace control systems
  • Car electronics
  • Electronic power devices of cars
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Power steering
  • Power quality
  • Software. Specialized programs for analysis and simulation of power electronics devices

Power Electronics informs readers about the latest research and development in the field of electronics, about the main directions and prospects for the development of the domestic and world market of power electronics. Thematically, the journal covers all sections of power electronics, touching not only traditional topics such as power electronics components, power supplies, electric drives, circuit modeling, but also the scope of application of the power electronics element base in induction heating systems, test equipment, and automotive electronics. The magazine also covers borderline areas such as power quality.

A serious and strict approach to the content of the magazine, a strict selection of the quality of materials allows us to make a truly informative publication for professionals.

I’ve been working with this magazine for quite a while already to promote power semiconductors in Russia and CIS region.

You can find my interview in the latest issue of the magazine or read it right on the magazine’s website.

Electronic Specifier

Electronic Specifier is Europe’s premier publisher of information resources to the Global Electronics Industry. The Electronic Specifier websites, blogs, e-newsletters, and digital magazines deliver the information that engineers require to quickly move from concept development to production line; including new products, case studies, video tutorials, whitepapers, technical datasheets, and webinars.

Electronic Specifier Ltd publishes the following websites and publications:

  • Electronic Specifier
  • Design Magazine
  • Product Magazine
  • ES France
  • Power e-newsletter
  • Daily e-newsletter
Electronic Specifier Power Cover

Electronic Specifier delivers news and developments from the electronics industry:

  • 96,373 articles
  • 10 industries
  • 6,797 companies
  • 26,370 datasheets

The all-new and fresh issues are available for the readers in the media archive section of the magazine.

EPE Journal

The EPE Journal is EPE Association’s quarterly publication, published since 1990. It is owned by EPE Association and published in collaboration with the Taylor & Francis Group.

The aim of the EPE Journal is to supply all experts in the field of Power Electronics and Drives, especially the EPE Members, with the most recent information on the rapid evolution in the field of power electronics, drives, and industrial applications.

The journal attracts contributions from scientists, but also, and probably mainly, from the ones who are designing and producing power electronics systems, and those involved with the applications of systems in industrial processes.

EPE Journal

In addition to original research articles, information is supplied on new products, industrial developments, company portraits, the EPE Association itself as well as international organizations such as the European Commission.

The EPE Journal is recognized as a truly European specialized Journal on Power Electronics, Drives, and Applications of a very high scientific and technological level. 

The journal is in close relation with the EPE ECCE Europe Conference, the leading European Conference in the field, which brings manufacturers, researchers, and users together. 

Power Electronics World

PEW Magazine is published four times a year on a controlled circulation basis. Power Electronics World is focused on the latest technological

breakthroughs, market trends, and innovations shaping the future of power transistors and related systems. How we obtain energy, how we use it, and conserve it directly impacts both quality of life and the lifetime opportunities for global manufacturing.

Power Electronics World Magazine Cover

Power Electronics World magazine examines the rapidly changing technologies that enable how we generate, manage, distribute, and store electrical energy. Power Electronics World is your best resource for looking beyond product announcements for in-depth analysis. The magazine explores managing and maximizing electrical power so you can anticipate the impacts of this critical industry on our futures and our fortunes. Whether the end-user is in EVs/HEVs, residential solar inverters, or grid-scale renewable energy plants, gain an insider’s perspective on new energy technologies through the pages of Power Electronics World. 

Power Electronics World Magazine includes the following publications

More details about the magazine and available options may be found in their media kit

International Journal of Power Electronics

IJPElec is a refereed international journal that presents to the international scientific community important results of work in this field, whether in the form of modeling, simulation, analysis, fundamental research, development, application, design, or real-time implementation. The scope of IJPElec is broad, encompassing all aspects of power electronics.

Topics covered include 

  • Advanced power semiconductor devices
  • Modeling, simulation, analysis, design, and implementations of the application of power circuit components (power semiconductors, inductors, high-frequency transformers, capacitors)
  • Inverters, converters, controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers
  • Control algorithms and techniques applied to power electronics
  • Electromagnetic and thermal performance of electronic power converters and inverters
  • Applications in motor drives, wind energy systems, solar, battery chargers, UPS and hybrid systems
  • Low power electronics
  • EMI/EMC considerations
International Journal of Power Electronics

The main objective of IJPElec is to establish an excellent channel of communication between experts in academic and research institutions, practitioners, and professionals working in the industry and related business, and policymakers. IJPElec provides a vehicle to help professionals, academics, researchers, and policymakers, working in the field of power electronics and dealing with modeling, simulation, analysis, design, and implementation, to disseminate information and to learn from each other’s work.

IJPElec publishes original papers, review papers, technical reports, and case studies. Special Issues devoted to important topics in power electronics will occasionally be published. 

IET Power Electronics

IET Power Electronics aims to attract original research papers, short communications, review articles, and power electronics-related educational studies. The scope covers applications and technologies in the field of power electronics with special focus on cost-effective, efficient, power-dense, environmentally friendly, and robust solutions, which includes:

IET Power Electronics covers the following applications

  • Electric drives/generators
  • Renewable energy
  • Industrial and consumable applications (including lighting, welding, heating, sub-sea applications, drilling, and others)
  • Medical and military apparatus
  • Utility applications
  • Transport and space application
  • Energy harvesting
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy storage management systems
  • Home appliances
IET Power Electronics describes the following applications 

  • Circuits: all type of converter topologies for low and high power applications including but not limited to: inverter, rectifier, dc/dc converter, power supplies, UPS, ac/ac converter, resonant converter, high-frequency converter, hybrid converter, multilevel converter, power factor correction circuits, and other advanced topologies.
  • Components and Materials: switching devices and their control, inductors, sensors, transformers, capacitors, resistors, thermal management, filters, fuses and protection elements, and other novels low-cost efficient components/materials.
  • Control: techniques for controlling, analyzing, modeling, and/or simulation of power electronics circuits and complete power electronics systems.
  • Design/Manufacturing/Testing: new multi-domain modeling, assembling and packaging technologies, advanced testing techniques.
  • Environmental Impact: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) reduction techniques, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), limiting acoustic noise and vibration, recycling techniques, use of non-rare material.
  • Education: teaching methods, program, and course design, use of technology in power electronics teaching, virtual laboratory and e-learning, and fields within the scope of interest. 

E&E – Entwicklung & Elektronik

Entwicklung & Elektronik is an electronics magazine aimed for the German-speaking audience. Fascinating, emotional, and technologically profound – E&E gives a somewhat different perspective of the world of electronics.

E&E provides extensive coverage of trends and developments in the electronics industry. E&E makes it easier to deploy innovative technology and to assess the benefit of new products and applications. Fascination is the focus of our topic spectrum and layout. E&E is inspiring, and it is the information basis for the development of innovative electronic products and applications. As a multi-channel media brand, E&E is available in print, online, and mobile.

The magazine E&E – Entwicklung & Elektronik shows the fascinating sides of electronics nine times a year: the focus is on people, technology, and exciting applications. E&E – Entwicklung & Elektronik is published as a print magazine and as an e-paper version.

Entwicklung & Elektronik Magazine Cover

In the past when we targeted the German power electronics market we had an advetrising campaign in this magazine.

E&E also has an annual catalog – E&E Kompendium.

The E&E Kompendium poses the question “How are you changing the future?” to the 100 outstanding minds in the electronics industry and presents an exclusive compilation of ideas & developments, assessments, and outlooks that shape the future.

The E&E Kompendium is THE medium at the interface of inspiring minds and practical implementation. In combination with the categories presented by the leading suppliers, a reference book is created that deserves its name: serious, highly relevant, emotional, forward-looking. Consciously implemented as a high-quality annual print publication.

Bonus Magazine


FARE ELETTRONICA is one of the official electronics magazines of the Italian electronic components distribution. The market-leading information resource addressed to a qualified audience (SMEs management and buyers, but also technicians and engineers).

FARE ELETTRONICA is a historic electronics magazine born in 1987. It is now distributed in digital format by Tecnoimprese Consortium and promoted by Assodel.


Tecno develops activities and services for business associations in the high-tech sector.

In addition to creating a model of associative reference unique, Tecno organizes events and meeting point both in Italy and abroad, publishes magazines and catalogs and is the industry benchmark for industrial electronics and for Solid-State Lighting Industry/LED Lighting, smart retail and smart spaces (Home & Building Automation) and integration.

Of course, there are more power electroics magazines that are focused on various industries like EV/HEV, power distribution, renewable energy and so on. I just wanted to describe you the ones that specialize in various industries.

If you enjoyed this topic, I would be grateful to receive your feedback and suggestions what else you would like to see here. Maybe some specific industrial media. Just get in touch with me via my e-mail.

For now enjoy other power electronics articles in power electronics marketing materials in the special section of the website.