As I wrote in the first part, you need to prepare a marketing plan for your future event. Depending on what kind of product or service you want to market and promote at the show the plan may vary, but the concept is one and the same.

Here are some crucial things to include in your plan.

First of all you need to prepare the samples of what you produce and offer. This is crucial to have the real samples, which all visitors of the exhibition can access to, which they can touch. As a support you can have some flyers or catalogs, however, people believe what they can see with their own eyes and touch and feel with their own hands.

marketing samples

Never present something you’re not 100% you can produce or provide! Your customers may never forgive you that.

The next important thing in your plan is your media planning. You want lot of potential and current customers to visit you during the fair, so never underestimate the power of prior announcements. Do not ever rely on the organisers of the show. Their target audience is you with your will to participate, they do not have to promote exactly your company or business. That is why you need to have your media plan included in the general preparation plan. You and your marketing team need to schedule every single post, newsletter, social media campaign etc. The dates and channels are very important. Use as many as possible to reach the bigger audience.

Another key point is logistics. Let your marketing team cooperate with your logistics department to be totally sure that all you need and want to be present at the exhibition will be there at the right time with no delays and any other problems.

Sure, there’s lot more to include in your plan. In the third part of this marketing guide article I will share with you the ready to work with example of the plan.

As I mentioned, you cannot prepare everything for the show with only marketing team forces. This is the “battle” you face together with your colleagues from other departments. Do not be afraid to ask for help or assign a task when it comes to the show planning. This is really one of the most time and resources taking marketing jobs. Sales, logistics, purchasing, engineering and many others. These are the teams need to cooperate with. Keep that in mind!

When you start preparing for the show be sure to book your tickets and hotel in advance. It often happens that at the time of the exhibition most of the hotels start to rise the prices. They can grow up to 5 times higher depending on how close to the show is the date you start searching where to stay. This is exactly why if you decided on participation in the show book the hotel beforehand, and by beforehand I mean at least 8-9 months. This is not just going to guarantee you the best prices, but the rooms availability at all.

And to be able to book everting you need to define the list of participants as well. This is, of course, up to you to decide who is the most appropriate to be present at the show. Of course the quantity should reflect the volume and quality of what you are going to present during the exhibition.

It may as well happen that the exhibition can include some conference or forum sessions, where all the exhibitors can additionally promote their brand. This may be a free-off-charge or commercial option. Never miss the opportunity whether it is free or not. Have most of your brightest minds and speakers make presentations.

So, now you see why I say that preparing for the show is one of the most energy taking procedures. But, believe me, the result is really worth it.

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