• Marketing Variety

    Marketing Variety

    We continue to understand a large array of different types of marketing. Today we will consider guerrilla, data-driven, lateral, event marketing and more. Data-Driven Marketing Data-driven marketing is marketing based on the analysis of more

    5 Min Read
  • Types of marketing

    Types of Marketing

    The modern world is developing rapidly, new technologies are emerging, and people's lifestyles are changing. The changes apply to all areas of activity, including marketing. To adapt to the current situation, there are more and more types of marketing.

    4 Min Read
  • SEO Vocabulary

    SEO Vocabulary

    It is currently very difficult to navigate the numerous terms of digital marketing. But it is necessary for those who intend to promote websites and have traffic from search engines. Here is short frequently used SEO vocabulary with an explanation

    5 Min Read
  • Know Your Marketing Words

    Know Your Marketing Words

    It has been a while since my last post about the marketing vocabulary, so this is time to catch up and learn some more marketing words. Today I will describe several terms often used in various businesses. And as a marketer you have to know all of them

    6 Min Read
  • General Marketing vocabulary

    General Marketing Vocabulary

    To continue with marketing vocabulary I described a few weeks ago, today I want to share some general marketing words and abbriviations every marketer needs to know. AIDA (Attention/Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) - an acronym that

    5 Min Read
  • Marketing vocabulary

    Marketing Vocabulary Part II

    To continue with marketing terms I described couple of weeks ago, today I want to share more digital marketing words every marketer needs to know. DSP (Demand-side Platform) - a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage

    3 Min Read
  • marketing vocabulary

    Marketing Vocabulary

    Nowadays our regular vocabulary grows like tens of new words per week. We learn something new from our colleagues, TV, advertising, and, of course, social media. If we treat marketing as a special commercial language, then I must say that marketing

    5 Min Read