• Competitive Analysis

    Competitive Analysis

    Competition in the market is one of the key concepts in the economy. First of all, competition is rivalry. It is rivalry that helps companies not to stand still and move forward, improving their positions. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to

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  • SOSTAC Marketing Psycho


    SOSTAC is a useful tool for developing a successful marketing plan. This model was developed by PR Smith in the 1990s and then described in his books: "Marketing Сommunications. Integrating online and offline, customer engagement and digital

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  • XYZ Analysis

    XYZ Analysis

    XYZ analysis is a tool for classifying business objects based on their level of stability and the accuracy of predicting their changes over a certain period of time. As a rule, XYZ analysis consists of the following steps Select the object

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  • PDCA

    PDCA. Plan, Do, Check, Act

    PDCA is an incessant management cycle used to continuously improve quality and control of business processes. Other names for this method are Deming Cycle, Shewhart cycle, Deming Wheel, or Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA). The PDCA method was developed by

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  • ABC Analysis

    ABC Analysis

    ABC analysis is one of the options for analyzing the internal environment of the company. With the help of ABC analysis, you can divide a large amount of data into three groups based on their significance. This will help you clearly see which positions

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  • Customer Lifetime Value

    Customer Lifetime Value

    Customer lifetime value (CLV also CLTV) is a metric that shows the total revenue you expect to receive from an individual customer over the life of their relationship with your business.  There are often other options for naming this metric:

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  • 5C Analysis

    5C Analysis

    The 5C analysis is a situation analysis tool that helps you identify and evaluate the environment in which your company operates. 5C analysis is named by the first letters of its main elements: Company, Collaborators, Customers, Competitors, and

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  • Price Sensitivity Meter

    Price Sensitivity Meter

    The Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM) is a method for determining the price of a product or service. This approach allows you to understand the desired price range for the consumer based on the perceived value of the product.  The Price Sensitivity

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  • How to Choose the Right Printed Media for Advertising

    How to Choose the Right Printed Media for Advertising

    Despite of the development of all the internet media available today, there is still so many printed media around the world and it is difficult for the marketers to ignore them. Moreover, a huge part of the printed media has its digital version that has

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  • Digital Marketing Statistics. Q3-4 2019

    Digital Marketing Statistics. Q3-4 2019

    In October 2019 I shared with you the fascinating digital marketing data for Q1-2 2019. And today I want to close the last year with additional portion of various marketing statistics from around the world including social media marketing data, mobile

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