Social media is everywhere. This is a fact. Ten years ago B2B business would doubt using it, now we think what content we should use to succees there. We used to communicate there, now we sell and buy there. However, to do so we need to keep our social media profile alive. We need content. So what content would be the most appropriate for B2B? Today I would like to share 20 content ideas for business to business companies present in social media.

1. A day in the life of …

Here you can describe in details a day in the life of any of your employees starting with sales or marketing department etc.

A day in the life of content idea
A day in the life of
2. My journey

This could be the first-person stories told by employees, how they became a part of your company, where they studied etc.

3. Corporate events

You can describe any corporate activity happening in your company like some internal professional skills tournament or something like that.

4. Sport events

If you have any sports team or support some sportsmen, teams etc., you can totally use this content in your social media.

5. Social activities

Is your company supporting some social event? There you go.

6. National holidays

You can use your national holidays or international to greet your partners abroad.

International HR Day
International HR Day
7. Infographics

Very popular content format for any social media. You can apply it to any of your company’s side.

8. Video reviews

If you have some complicated or unique product you have to use video content for your in your social channels.

9. Entertaining and educational content

Try to provide entertaining and educational content at the same time. This will put your company ahead of your competitors.

Entertaining and educational content
Entertaining and educational content
10. Projects with partners

Do not be afraid of using information about some great projects you have together with your customers, suppliers, partners. Of course, do not forget to ask for permission first.

11. Technical support

Do you have technical support in your company? If you do, do not forget to promote it. This is crucial for b2b.

12. Testimonials

Yes, good old testimonials. Today many companies forget how powerful they might be. Do not be one of those companies.

13. Events promo

If you take part in any industrial shows, conferences, exhibitions, or just host your own event, then use it.

Events promo
Events promo
14. Live from …

This one is a great addition to number 14 of the list. If you take part or just visit some event, make live “on air” video. This is a very powerful content tool to gain huge audience.

15. Product news

Simple as a pie. Promote your product line from time to time. But do it gently, too much might be too boring for your subscribers.

16. Second-party news

Some newspaper or magazine published news about your company or an important employee? Time to put it in your content plan.

17. Application

If your product or service has a lot of application, you are very lucky. Describe every aplication in detail. Your followers will love it!

18. Link to website news

Social media content is very important, but do not forget that your website is even more important. Link your website news to social media once in a while.

19. Behind the scene

This is just a killer content. According to statistics this kind of data is one of the most interesting for your customers, followers, subscribers. However, be careful to show only what is allowed, no more.

20. Articles

If your employees publish their scientific or other work in the magazines or any professional society, this can also be used for your social media activity.

Link to article content
Link to article content
21. Industry news

Share some interesting industrial news, but do not promote your competitors.

Of course this is not the full list. These are just some of the examples I personally use in b2b. The full list is much longer. I’ll be happy to share it with anyone. You just need to subscribe to my newsletter, and I will send you the list.