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  • One Page Marketing Plan

    1-Page Marketing Plan

    Any business is created for money. Marketing is the direction that can multiply the profitability of a business if there is a working marketing plan. Allan Dib believes that if you improve marketing in your business by just 10%, you can multiply your

    6 Min Read
  • Growth Hacker Marketing

    Growth Hacker Marketing

    From the title of the book "Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising" by Ryan Holiday, it already becomes clear that it is dedicated to such a phenomenon as Growth Hacker Marketing. Growth hacker marketing is a

    6 Min Read
  • Data-driven marketing

    Data-Driven Marketing

    Mark Jeffery's book "Data-driven marketing: the 15 metrics everyone in marketing should know" is a guide to data marketing. The book consists of 3 parts, which include 11 chapters. The book describes in detail the main marketing metrics and cases

    8 Min Read
  • SPIN Selling

    SPIN Selling

    Neil Rackham is an English sales and marketing researcher, developer of SPIN selling techniques, and consultant to many well-known corporations. The SPIN selling method is developed based on a long-term study by Huthwaite, the founder of which is Neil

    6 Min Read
  • Art of Storytelling

    Art of Storytelling

    In her book "The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling" Annette Simmons shares her experience in storytelling. Storytelling is the science or even the art of influencing through storytelling. The power of

    6 Min Read
  • Ultimate Marketing Plan

    Ultimate Marketing Plan

    Dan Kennedy's book “The ultimate marketing plan. Target your audience! Get out your message! Build your brand!” can be called a guide for creating an ideal marketing plan. Step by step the author talks about the main principles of making a marketing

    5 Min Read
  • Power of Simplicity

    Power of Simplicity

    The authors of the book The Power of Simplicity believe that business is not very complicated. Many people make it difficult. The main idea of the book - do not invent anything and complicate where you can make everything easier. The authors show how to

    9 Min Read
  • McDonald's

    The Making of McDonald’s

    In the book by Ray Kroc and Robert Anderson “Grinding it out. The making of McDonald’s” the authors tell the story of the creation of one of the most famous brands in the world. The most important difference between this book and other similar

    10 Min Read
  • Marketing 4.0 Part 3

    Marketing 4.0. Part 3.

    Last week I shared with you the second part of Marketing 4.0 book. The third part describes the basic tactics of marketing 4.0. This part covers human-centric marketing, content marketing, the use of omnichannel marketing and engagement

    8 Min Read
  • Marketing 4.0 Part 2

    Marketing 4.0. Part 2.

    Last week I shared with you the first part of the Marketing 4.0 book. In the second part, which is the main one, the authors talk about a new Customer Path in the digital age and a new set of marketing metrics. One of the characteristics of the modern

    4 Min Read